In late July 2012, McDonald's released 16 SpongeBob toys in America for the first time. The toys may have been related to the 2012 London Summer Olympics.


  1. SpongeBob Skateboarder
  2. SpongeBob Karate
  3. SpongeBob Basketball
  4. Patrick Spinner
  5. SpongeBob Weightlifter
  6. SpongeBob Soccer
  7. SpongeBob Windsurfer
  8. Gary Skater
  9. SpongeBob Kayaker
  10. Patrick Rodeo
  11. SpongeBob Gymnast
  12. Squidward Tennis
  13. SpongeBob Golfer
  14. SpongeBob Discus
  15. Sandy Rocket Boat
  16. Mr. Krabs Fencing


  • The theme song was parodied in the commercial.
    • The logo was also purple instead of blue in the commercial.
  • Squidward's 2nd pair of legs are a second pair of his arms on his figure.
  • The commercial was just like other McDonald's commercials.
  • In U.S.A. there were also McDonalds toys for the second movie in 2015.



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