If you were looking for the article about the book, then see SpongeBob Saves the Day (book).
Video game
SpongeBob Saves the Day
SpongeBob Saves the Day

Main screen

General Information
Developer: LeapFrog
Publisher: LeapSter
Released: 2003 (estimated date)
Genre: Learning
Modes: Single Player
Platforms: LeapSter, Leapster 2
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SpongeBob Saves the Day is a SpongeBob SquarePants learning game released for the Leapster.


Players soak up knowledge during underwater visits to the city of Bikini Bottom with their favorite sea-dwelling sponge. Kids can help SpongeBob save the day as they compete in 5 exciting learning activities that promote over 45 kindergarten and first grade skills. Conveyor Chaos, Counting Claw, and Bubble Scrubber games include 3 levels of play to keep kids challenged and engaged.

As kids help SpongeBob SquarePants create a new Krabby Patty Sauce to win back Krusty Krab customers, they'll have so much fun they won't even realize that they're learning. Five action-packed games teach over 45 skills in word building, money concepts, addition, and logic.

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