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Date(s): June 2-6, 2008
# Episode(s): 5
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The SpongeBob Premiere Factor 5, also called SPF 5, was a special week in the first week of June 2008. During this week, a new SpongeBob episode premiered each day.

Episodes premiered

Title card # Title Airdate
The Splinter
105a "The Splinter" June 2, 2008
Giant Squidward
107a "Giant Squidward" June 3, 2008
A Life in a Day title card
106a "A Life in a Day" June 4, 2008
Sun Bleached
106b "Sun Bleached" June 5, 2008
101a "House Fancy" June 6, 2008


  • Starting on June 3 the premieres from the previous day or days follow that day's premiere.
  • The SpongeBob Premiere Factor 5 was part of the Jam Packed June event: a month of new material, including a new movie, that debuted in June 2008.
  • In the commercials for this special, a clip from "Slide Whistle Stooges" can be seen, even though that episode did not air in the special.
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