SpongeBob Pantaloni Pătrați (Nickelodeon) or Buretele Bob (Pro TV) is the Romanian dub of SpongeBob SquarePants. It airs on Nickelodeon as SpongeBob Pantaloni Pătrați, on Comedy Central Romania as SpongeBob Pantaloni Pătrați (subbed), and formerly on Pro TV as Buretele Bob. It is part of International SpongeBob SquarePants.



Original name Translated name Meaning name Voice actor
SpongeBob SquarePants Buretele Bob Sponge Bob Bogdan Olaru (seasons 1–2)
SpongeBob Pantaloni Pătrați SpongeBob Square Pants Ernest Fazekaș (seasons 3–)
Patrick Star Patrick Stea Patrick Star Bogdan Uritescu (seasons 1–2)
Dragoș Ionescu (seasons 3–7)
Marius Drăguș (seasons 7–8)
Cătălin Rotaru (seasons 8b–)
Squidward Tentacles Calamar Tentacule Squid Tentacles Petre Lupu (seasons 3–)
Ionuţ Grama (Hello Bikini Bottom!, Little Yellow Book, It Came from Goo Lagoon)
Eugene H. Krabs Eugene Krab Eugene Krab Marius Săvescu (seasons 1–2)
Eugene Krabs Eugene Krabs Mihai Barangă (seasons 3–8)
Victor Bucur (seasons 8b–)
Ionuţ Ionescu (Little Yellow Book)
Gabriel Velicu (episodes 198, 199, 201-204)
Painty the Pirate Căpitane Captain Unknown

Other cast

Role Doer
Dubbing studio Empire Video Production (seasons 1–2)
SDI Media Romania (seasons 3–8)
Fast Production Film [1] (seasons 8b–)
Subtitling studio Unknown



Original name Translated name Meaning name
Bikini Bottom Bikini de Jos (subtitle version) Bikini Bottom
Fundul Mării (seasons 3–8) Bottom of the Sea
Bikini Bottom (seasons 8b–) Bikini Bottom
Krusty Krab Krusty Krab Krusty Krab
Chum Bucket Găleata cu Scoici (seasons 3–8) Shell Bucket
Chum Bucket (seasons 8b–) Chum Bucket
Glove World! Lumea mănușilor (seasons 8b–) The World of Gloves
Rock Bottom Oceanul împietrit (seasons 1–2) The Hardened Ocean
Atlantis Atlantis Atlantis


Original name Translated name Meaning name
Krabby Patty Turtiță Krabby (seasons 3–8) Krabby Patty
Krabby Patty (seasons 8b–) Krabby Patty
Krusty Dogs Krusty Dogs Krusty Dogs


Original name Translated name Meaning name
Krabby Patty secret formula Formula secretă de Turtiță Krabby (seasons 3–8) Krabby Patty secret formula
Formula secretă de Krabby Patty (seasons 8b–) Krabby Patty secret formula
Spatula Spatula Spatula
Forever Glue Lipiciul pe veci Forever Glue




  • For seasons 3-present, only the segment where Painty asks the kids if they are ready is dubbed. However, for seasons 1-2, the entire theme song is dubbed.

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