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SpongeBob Goes to the Doctor is a SpongeBob SquarePants book, based on the Season 1 episode Suds.


SpongeBob wakes up in the morning only to find out he has the suds. He tries to cover up the fact that he's ill so he dosen't have to miss a day off work.

At the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is sneezing on the food. Mr. Krabs finds out that he is sick so he orders SpongeBob to go home and get some rest. At SpongeBob's home, SpongeBob's suds have gotten worse, so he calls Sandy to take him to the doctor.

While SpongeBob is wating for Sandy, Patrick comes by. SpongeBob tells him that he has the suds, and that he is going to the doctor. Patrick tells him all the bad things about going to the doctor. SpongeBob is scared of the doctor now and begs Patrick to look after him instead. Patrick agrees. Patrick is seen trying to cure SpongeBob by putting corks in his holes making SpongeBob get bigger and fatter ever time he sneezed. SpongeBob thinks he is better so he goes to call Sandy and tell her not to come. However, his fingers are to big for the buttons so he ask Patrick to call her. Patrick does this. Sandy is seen in her treedome working out and Patrick tells her everything. Sandy than says she`ll go and have a look and SpongeBob. Patrick goes into a panic and tells SpongeBob that Sandy will take him to the doctor. After some time, Sandy comes and finds out that SpongeBob is not cured and her and Patrick have a war over SpongeBob. SpongeBob (thanks to Sandy and Patrick) goes flying into the air and lands near the Krusty Krab. He gives a big sneeze and the building blows up.

SpongeBob is back to his normal size and Sandy takes him to a real doctor. The doctor gives SpongeBob some medicine and SpongeBob is better in no time. 

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