The SpongeBob gavel is a gavel owned by Horace A. Whopper. It appears in the episode "The Krusty Sponge."


The SpongeBob gavel is a gavel that resembles SpongeBob. It features SpongeBob's smiling face, his arms, and Krusty Krab employee hat. When struck on a hard surface, it makes a SpongeBob-sounding laugh.

Role in episode

The SpongeBob gavel appears near the end of the episode, under the ownership of Horace A. Whopper. Whopper asks Mr. Krabs if he has anything else to say about his case and Krabs replies "No, your honor." Whopper slams his SpongeBob gavel, which makes a laughing SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs notices this. Krabs asks Whopper if it is a SpongeBob gavel and Whopper says it is, as he is a big SpongeBob fan.