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The SpongeBob Community
The SpongeBob Community Banner
Founded: August 15, 2009
Founder: terminoob
Administrators: jjsthekid (2010-2013; 2013-present)

Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick (2013-present) JCM (2015-present)

Moderators: CNF1 (2014-present)

Patty Sponge (2014-present) Tyeamwork (2015-present)

The SpongeBob Community is a forum founded by member terminoob on August 15, 2009. It initially garnered traction by gaining a community from the SpongeBob boards on after several incidents involving moderators on



The SpongeBob Community was formed after incidents at the SpongeBob Boards left a large amount of users banned. Initially created with the intent of serving banned or suspended members exclusively, the site gradually grew to be all-inclusive (although at the disproval of terminoob). The site had a plain white skin as its default design, which changed when terminoob shifted power to that70sguy92, making him the Main Admin. This shift in power set the stage for the unremitting power struggle between terminoob and 70s that would define the divide in the forums until mid-2010, when terminoob finally resigned as Main Administrator.

The terminoob Era

Although 70s had virtually run the Community since its beginning, terminoob soon returned as a Main Administrator. With two heads of the forum with vastly differing opinions, 70s ultimately led the forum and developed a close working relationship with member tvguy347, who is credited with giving 70s the inspiration to forge forward with SBC at a point of low activity. terminoob was left out of the loop as the partnership between tvguy and 70s strengthened. Expressing his distaste at a regular member playing such an active role in the staff, terminoob attempted to become more involved. He instituted a number of strict policies and repeatedly referred to his founders' status in order to enforce such policies. On June 20, 2010, 70s briefly gave tvguy administrative powers for the purpose of investigating a bug on the site. Upon hearing this news, terminoob promptly resigned the same day, stating he was out of the loop, he hated what the site was becoming, and he assumed he would regain control from 70s upon his return.

The 70s Era

Celebrated as new beginning, 70s assumed full political control of SBC. He restructured the staff immediately, promoting jjsthekid and tvguy347 as admins and four new moderators. He also relaxed the rules and removed several of terminoob's harsher policies. However, due to terminoob remaining the founder of the site on Forumotion, he retained administrative power and the ability to delete the site. This issue persisted later in the month of July 2010, when terminoob threatened to delete the forums unless tvguy was removed as an administrator. tvguy was briefly removed as an admin, replaced by ExKizuna, and later reinstated as the fourth administrator. 70s oversaw escalated tensions with rival forum, SpongeBuddy Mania, including the most hostile period in SBM-SBC relations in its history. On November 25, 2010, a large fight occurred in SBC's thread on SBM, resulting in a makeshift treaty composed by SBM's PhilipB. The following day, November 27, 2010, SBC was attacked by SBM members in a 32-minute spam raid. 70s responded vigorously, vowing to holds those responsible accountable. The rivalry between the two forums intensified with SBM's v3 Christmas release, following several days later by SBC's V5. The close proximity of the releases caused an uproar on SBM, members accusing SBC of allegedly ripping off SBM's design.

The tvguy Era

Dylan, along with all other staff members besides SG12 and Steel Sponge, entered into their terms of July 7, 2012. An election was later held, in which SG12 and Steel were elected to represent the Community a day later, on July 8. In the following days, activity saw an enormous improvement, going back up to the position it had been a year earlier. On July 10, 2012, Dylan proposed that the site move to a new host, called CleverKite. The idea was passed by executives and moderators, although has yet to receive approval from the Board.

Over the following days, under the Dylan Administration, activity began to stabilize thanks to several emails that were sent out by Dylan, as well as new tactics for ensuring that newly registered members stayed on the forums. Planning of SpongeBob Universe, an idea coined by Dylan, also started as meetings were scheduled with SpongeBob Wiki, who would be bundled with SBC in the new SpongeBob Universe ecosystem. tvguy began to form a better structured staff, and for the first time in nearly a year, the staff began to pilot the site without petty fights; the new system was evidently working and activity was finally recovering.

As activity healed, Dylan was responsible for the return of several members, such Webizoid, Suitelife, Fa, Storytime, and several others. However, in late July, rumors of an attack on SBC surfaced. Preemptively, Dylan had the ACP locked down as things heated up. Later, however, passwords were changed after the revelation came about that there was no mole in the staff, but rather an easily guessable password. It was then revealed there was no attack really planned, but just a bored troll trying to scare everyone.

In August 2012, there were some changes right off the bat to the Representative Board. 70s quit SBC, so thus Jelly was promoted to Chairwoman of the board on August 16, 2012, and OMJ became the 4th rep. Then, CDCB resigned on August 23, 2012, so Smiles was promoted as a new Rep. Due to terminoob and SpongeSebastian resigning, an application was held for a new Mediator Mod throughout September 15 to September 21, and Aquatic Nuggets won. A Report Mod app was held from September 22 to September 26, and JCM won.

On January 18, 2013, more changes occurred. OMJ was promoted to Mediator Mod, and AN was promoted to a Manager. Elections for a new Rep spot started the same day, and Crushingmayhem was announced as the winner on January 20, 2013.

On March 30, 2013, a representative board election was held, and UnlimitedCha became the new Chairwoman of the board, replacing Jelly as head of the Representative board. Also, CNF1 and ExKizuna were chosen as members of the board for the 1st and 2nd Seats respectively.

On June 1, 2013, jjsthekid, as well as iDylan, resigned from the SBU staff. Their positions and this administration ran until June 5, 2013, when it was replaced by Nuggets' Administration.

The Nuggets Era

The Aquatic Nuggets Administration is the 2nd administration under the new staff system, previously under the first Director in Chief, Dylan. On January 1, 2014, SpongeBob Universe was dissolved, as were the titles that went with users.

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