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SpongeBob Comics No. 56
General information
Credits: Writer: Derek Drymon
Artist: Chabot, Jacob[1]
Language: English
Publisher: United Plankton Pictures
Released: May 11, 2016[1]
Price: $3.99 USD
Series information
Series: SpongeBob Comics
Previous: SpongeBob Comics No. 55
Next: SpongeBob Comics No. 57
List of comics

SpongeBob Comics #56 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book that was released on May 11, 2016.[1] The cover features SpongeBob with Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy on a ship which is carried by Barnacle Bill, to escape from the enemies chasing them.


“In part 2 of 'The Ballad of Barnacle Bill,' SpongeBob and the ocean's saltiest sailor, Barnacle Bill, take on the deadly denizens of Rough 'n' Tough Reef-lowlife pirate scum, the sinister White Water Witch, a giant Fish Roc, and the belligerent bully Gangplank Gus! It's a thimbleful of thrilling theater with the excitement of an exploding Segar! Plus: facts about hungry shipworms by Maris Wicks! Gary fights Plankton, by James Kochalka and Hilary Barta! And more!”[1]


SpongeBob Comics (VE)


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