SpongeBob Comics No. 29 is the 29th issue of SpongeBob Comics and was released on February 12, 2014.


Monkey Sea, Monkey Don't

SpongeBob gives Sandy an aqua-monkey for Sandy's birthday, but the aqua-monkey becomes too big for Sandy's Treedome and invades Bikini Bottom.

Sandy Vs. Plankton

Sandy and Plankton fight over on who can create a better invention.

Pore of the Worlds

SpongeBob tries out pancakes from Sandy's weird invention which turns his proses into inter-dimensional portals for an entry of strange creatures from all over the universe.

Scaredy Snail

Sandy and SpongeBob hear a weird sound from a trench and they go into the trench to see what's making the noise.


A squirrel talks about her ocean relatives.

It's Very Simple, SpongeBob

Sandy creates an invention to help SpongeBob wake up really early the next morning.

Wet and Wild West

Sandy has a dream about SpongeBob being dried up in the wild west.


Weird Science 12 - SpongeBob Comics 29 mini
SpongeBob Comics (VE)


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