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Released: April 13, 2011
Price: $2.99 USD
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Series: SpongeBob Comics
Previous: SpongeBob Comics No. 1
Next: SpongeBob Comics No. 3
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SpongeBob Comics #2 A.K.A Caution: Student Boater is a comic book released on April 13, 2011. It consists of 7 comics and a cover poster. The cover shows SpongeBob driving a boat with his eyes popped out and Mrs. Puff hanging onto the back. There is also a next issue page for SpongeBob Comics #3.


Picture it

This comic is on page 1. SpongeBob fails another boating test. And might have to come to boating school next year. Mrs.Puff tells him to picture Brake, Key, Drive, Gas in his head. But when Gary says that it's like TV, the pictures in his mind keep changing. SpongeBob then says all these at school and decides the right one was Shake, Speed, Slide, Crash so he has to come to Boating school next year.

Split decision

This comic is on page 9.

The beginning

It is the only day all year when the pink tufted finger stinger leaves her lair and SpongeBob has the day off. But Mr.Krabs calls and says that he has to come to work today. SpongeBob can't decide, so he rips himself in half.

Jellyfishing half story

SpongeBob goes to jellyfish fields and finds out that the finger stinger is rare. He calls for the jellyfish and 6 hours later he finds out that the pink tufted finger stinger is known as "The shy lady of the sea". The jellyfish then comes out and SB catches it. But it turns out it was just a baby so he lets her go and then he goes home.

Krusty Krab half story

SpongeBob comes into the Krusty Krab and cooks 600 patties. SpongeBob has to wait on some tables. He then takes a lot of orders and can't cook anymore 6 hours later. And when he goes home, he finds out that it's work for nothing day.

The ending

SpongeBob gets home and puts himself back together. But to his surprise, he has 2 ties!

Star Studded cast

This comic is on page 19. SpongeBob is told by Patrick to see his cousins. Their names are Ed, Happy, Tiny, and Billy. SpongeBob then says that Billy is a sheriff. Billy denies that and says the star is the smallest cousin Pinny. It is the reader's job to finish drawing Patrick's cousins.

All Wrapped up

This comic is on page 20. Patrick goes to SpongeBob's house and asks for some wrapping paper. Later, he comes again and asks for some tape. Later he comes back and asks for a bow. Much, much, much later, SpongeBob tries spying on Patrick, but stops since spying on him is something he should not do. Patrick then arrives with a present for SB: the drum he left at Pat's birthday Party. SpongeBob and Patrick then go outside make make music with it, and ruin Squidward's day.

A Swell Time

This comic is on page 30. Patrick sees candy coral, but SpongeBob sees a sign that says no licking. They ignore that and lick it. They then get a swelling in their tongues and have to go to the doctors. The doctor gives SB & P a lollipop, but they run away from them screaming.


This comic is on page 32.

Very Cherry

SpongeBob wishes he had a cherry on top of his ice cream. Gary hacks out a hairball which turns out to be a cherry flavored hairball.

Game Freaks

Patrick and Gary are playing video games and SpongeBob points out that gary does not have hands and asks how he pushes the buttons. It turns out that Gary presses the buttons with his eyes, which Patrick proceeds to do.

Grandma's cookies

This comic is on the back cover. SpongeBob smells cookies and goes through many smelly obstacles on the way to Grandma's house. SpongeBob then arrives and Grandma gives SpongeBob a kiss.


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