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SpongeBob Comic No. 12 is a comic. The cover shows a picture of SpongeBob and Patrick and Squidward (who is in the Krabby Patty.) 
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On a reluctant visit to Grandma Sponge's house, Squidward discovers an earthly paradise (for Squidward, that is). But how can he get back to that happy place? Find out in 'Great Grandma.' In 'Too Tough,' SpongeBob invites the bruisers from the Salty Spitoon to make the Krusty Krab their new hangout, and Mr. Krabs sees dollar lots of broken furniture. Also, SpongeBob learns the joys of flossing; Squilliam learns the downside to owning a fancy yacht; and the reader learns lots of facts about crabs.

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