SpongeBob Comics #1 is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book. It was first released in the United States on February 9, 2011. It consists of eight comic strips, a cover poster and a behind the scenes page. The cover shows SpongeBob as a big number 1 and every one else running away from him. There is also a next issue page for SpongeBob Comics #2.


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

This comic is on page one. The plot is SpongeBob wakes up and does his morning routine, but when he digs around for a prize in a cereal box, he finds a monster. He then wakes up and it turns out that it was all just a dream. SpongeBob does his morning routine again, but at the cereal part he tries a more directive approach, shaking the cereal out of the box. There is a lot of cereal in the box and the monster appears again. SpongeBob then wakes up again finding out that it was just a dream inside of a dream and finds out that he is in the cereal box. The monster then tries to grab him, mistaking him for a prize, but SpongeBob wakes up again. It was a dream inside a dream, inside a dream. He goes to his breakfast cupboard and decides to have pancakes instead, and then he tells Gary that breakfast time is definitely pancake time.

Stylin Sponge

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This comic is on page 9. Squidward goes to a hairdresser for his monthly head polish, but to his surprise SpongeBob and Patrick are there. SpongeBob is getting a new hairdo, but Squidward points out that he does not have hair. He gets the hairdo anyway. It is the reader's job to draw the hairdo and give it a name.

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy vs. The Octopus King

This comic is on page 10. SpongeBob is scaring Mermaid Man and then Barnacle Boy points out that he is one of their fans. Mermaid Man then says that he remembers when they first invented the electric fan, and that SpongeBob's eyes make him sweat. SpongeBob then asks them to do something super and they decide to fight the Octopus King. SpongeBob is goofing off looking at little bugs whilst they fight.


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This comic is on page 14. SpongeBob wants to get into a club which is for bioluminescent guests only. He drinks something made from glowkelp. SpongeBob gets in and starts to dance, but after a few seconds it wears off and SpongeBob becomes the disco ball.

Colossal cover pin-up

Sleepy Time 052
I can turn into a skyscraper!
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They're Playing My Tune

This comic is on page 19. Squidward can't stand the noises in the Krusty Krab, so he tells Mr. Krabs that music means more money. Squidward records a CD that night and the next morning Mr. Krabs tries different music to see which one boosts sales the highest. Mr. Krabs starts with sea chanties which only attracts sailors which try to destroy the restaurant. Pearl then appears and tells Mr. Krabs to try her kind of music which only attracts teenagers who want to dance to it. They then try Squidward's CD which is 6 hours of him playing the clarinet, which does not attract anyone at all. They then try SpongeBob's song which Squidward thinks is the worst song in Bikini Bottom, but everyone else thinks that it is the best. That night Squidward tries to break into the Krusty Krab and nearly gets arrested, but SpongeBob tells the police that if they come tomorrow they will hear a great song. They come the next morning, listen to the song and arrest the CD player, so Squidward is forced to go back to listening to the noises that he could not stand.

Behind the seas

Best Joke Ever

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This comic is on page 30. SpongeBob and Patrick knock on Squidward's door and tell him a joke which the reader has to create, and it must end with, " and it's just completely crazy". Squidward then slams the door and says it's the worst joke he ever heard because SpongeBob forgot to say that it was wearing a funny hat.

Midnight Snack Attack

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This comic is on page 32. SpongeBob goes downstairs for a jellyfish jelly sandwich and he has a nightmare about being attacked by the ingredients. SpongeBob then wakes up, looks at the sandwich in anger, and goes upstairs to have milk and cookies instead.


This comic is on the back cover.

Smelly Flowers

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Patrick tells SpongeBob to smell a pretty flower but it is really a stinky old shoe. Patrick then says "Darn it," as he always gets the shoe box and the flower box mixed up, and to SpongeBob's surprise, Patrick is wearing flowers on his feet.

Wish Upon a What?

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SpongeBob starts to wish upon a star, but then realizes that the star was just Patrick. Then Patrick says, "Hooray, It's me!"

The Best Invention

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Patrick tells SpongeBob that he invented the Krabby Patty but then SpongeBob points out that he cannot invent the Krabby Patty as it already exists. Patrick then says, "Maybe I invented the Shmabby Blatty?"


  • The comic is now expensive and very hard to find nowadays due to fact that a limited amount of copies were printed, making this a rare collectible.
  • This comic was released six years after The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie was released in France.
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