The SpongeBob Closing Theme was composed by Steve Belfer. This track has been played during the ending credits of the show. It is also the menu music for many of the SpongeBob SquarePants DVDs and is sometimes heard as background music in pre-movie episodes. There is also a second version that plays in four post-movie episodes.

Usage outside of credits

Version 1

  • 4a. "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" - SpongeBob and Patrick are blowing bubble messages to each other.
  • 6a. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy" - SpongeBob tells Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy that he and Patrick are almost finished painting their Invisible Boatmobile.
  • 7a. "Hall Monitor" - SpongeBob tries to get Patrick's attention.
  • 8b. "Squeaky Boots" - "Could the greatest fry cook do that, Mr. Krabs?"
  • 14a. "SB-129" - "Rrrrready to go?"; An electronic version of the cue can be heard while SpongeTron thaws Squidward; a primitive version of the cue is heard when Squidward "invents" jellyfishing in the past.
  • 20a. "Hooky" - "Hmmmm, I sense no danger here."
  • 20b. "Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II" - "I come down here in my underwear to open a jar of mayonnaise?"
  • 23a. "Big Pink Loser" - SpongeBob teaches Patrick to get the lid off the jar.
  • 26a. "Grandma's Kisses" - SpongeBob gets mad at Patrick.
  • 26b. "Squidville" - Squidward starts playing with the abandoned reef blower.
  • 29a. "Survival of the Idiots" - SpongeBob tests the earmuffs.
  • 30a. "No Free Rides" - SpongeBob sharpens his pencil.
  • 35a. "The Secret Box" - "Hey, hands off, PeepingBob!"
  • 37b. "I'm with Stupid" - Upon meeting Patrick's "parents", SpongeBob acts stupid.
  • 44a. "Nasty Patty" - The health inspector is stuffed inside SpongeBob's hat.
  • 45b. "Doing Time" - SpongeBob and Patrick try to rob a bank.
  • 54. "Ugh" - A primitive version is heard and is on The Yellow Album as "B.C. Strut."
  • 58a. "Missing Identity" - Patrick forgets where SpongeBob's name tag is.

Version 2

  • 1c. "Tea at the Treedome" - Opening.
  • 2a. "Bubblestand" - "Good morning."
  • 12b. "Employee of the Month" - Squidward talks to SpongeBob about the Employee of the Month award while being continuously splatted by meat.
  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - Patrick rolls a 5 and sends Mr. Krabs to jail; Patrick and SpongeBob touch the treasure map.
  • 17b. "Rock Bottom" - SpongeBob searches his pockets for money.
  • 22a. "Something Smells" - SpongeBob saved some of his bad breath sundae.
  • 62a. "The Lost Mattress" - "Why are you two dressed up as meat?"
  • 64b. "Good Neighbors" - Squidward sees SpongeBob in his house.
  • 76a. "The Thing" - "Do it again! Do it again!"
  • 123-124. "Truth or Square" - Patchy dreams he found SpongeBob.


  • This APM plays at 117 beats per minute.
  • In Japan, it is replaced with the Japanese ending after the episode ends, but although, the credits theme plays in Japanese dubs of episodes if you live in Japan.
  • SpongeBob hums the tune to this APM while walking to Mr. Krabs' office in "Krabs vs. Plankton."

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