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SpongeBob Checks His Snapper Chat

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SpongeBob Checks His Snapper Chat
Social Media short №: 3
Airdate: June 10, 2016


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"SpongeBob Checks His Snapper Chat" is a SpongeBob SquarePants Social Media short. In this short, SpongeBob checks his Snapper Chat.



SpongeBob decides he wants to get in with the times and figure out SnapperChat, a social media app made for Bikini Bottom. The first picture he takes of is a Krabby Patty and edits it by drawing a smiley face on it. After typing a fitting caption for it he sends it to his story. He then checks some of the stories from Sandy and Squidward. SpongeBob gets a message from Patrick that is just a picture of his stomach with the caption "H3y, just hanNGin' out here." SpongeBob wants to know where Patrick is right now. While waiting for the response, he checks out other stories like what's going on at Pearl's slumber party, how people are living like Larry, and how Mondays are brutal for Mable. SpongeBob gets a message from Patrick saying that he is still in the same spot. Soon after, he finds out Patrick was in the Krusty Krab the whole time and they go Jellyfishing together.


Cultural references

  • "Snapper Chat" is a reference to the real life social networking app Snapchat.
  • One of SpongeBob's apps on his phone is Fishbook, which is a reference to the real life social networking site, Facebook.
  • Bluetube is a reference of the video sharing website, YouTube. Also, the name sounds like a spoof of Bluetooth.
  • Various other applications in SpongeBob's Clamphone are references to their real-life counterparts.
    • Kelp Krush = Candy Crush Saga
    • Findle = Kindle
    • Find my Clamphone = Find my iPhone
      • Thus SpongeBob's Clamphone is a spoof of iPhone, not any other phone type.
  • Sandy's Snapper Chat image of "Sandy Cheeks for President" is most likely a reference to the 2016 presidential election, and it even works since this short was posted several months before the 2016 presidential election.

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