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SpongeBob (Italian series)
SpongeBob Italian Logo3
General Information
Creator: Stephen Hillenburg
Executive producer: Derek Drymon (1999-2004)
Vincent Waller (2005-present)
Creative director: Stephen Hillenburg (1999-2004; 2015-present)
Paul Tibbitt (2005-2014)
Network: Italia 1 (2004-2010)
Nickelodeon (2004 - present)
Boing (2013)
Country: Italy
Language: Italian
Seasons: 9
Episodes: 184 (list)
Original run: 2004-present
International SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob is the Italian dub of SpongeBob SquarePants that started airing in 2004 on Italia 1. The Italian version of the intro has some different animations that are also seen in the Korean, French, Castilian Spanish, and Welsh versions of the opening. It currently airs on Nickelodeon and Super!.

Name Translations

Most of the Italian names aren't translated, but sometimes they're written in the same way they are pronounced in italian.


  • In a 2013 Simpsons episode, they featured a video called "Spugna Roberto Quadrati Pantaloni" which translates as "Sponge Roberto SquarePants."
  • Unlike a lot of other foreign dubs, this one does not have a name in a foreign language. It also doesn't dub the theme song (except for Painty and the kids at the beginning) and instead uses an instrumental version without any vocals. (Some DVD releases use the English theme.)


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