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SpongeBob, being naive and gullible, usually does not understand what Pearl thinks of him. The two characters occasionally interact with each other, usually when Mr. Krabs is involved.

Their opinion about each other

In earlier episodes, SpongeBob and Pearl seem quite friendly to each other, such as in "Bossy Boots," where they take over business at the Kuddly Krab and Pearl later kisses SpongeBob on the cheek.

However, in later episodes such as "The Slumber Party," Pearl is shown to dislike SpongeBob, and she acts more crude and harsh as the series progresses. Though later in "Tunnel of Glove," Pearl and SpongeBob bonded over fear and worked together to escape the broken down ride.


"The Chaperone"

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SpongeBob and Pearl dancing at the prom.

This is the first time where Pearl interacts with SpongeBob (or at least a dummy of him).

When Pearl has nobody to take her to the prom, Mr. Krabs volunteers SpongeBob to go with her. Pearl, at first, felt uncomfortable. While SpongeBob tried his best to impress her, he was inadvertently making things worse. When he realizes what he has done, he runs away crying. Feeling sorry for him, Pearl brings SpongeBob his confidence back, and the two have a wonderful time by dancing together. Despite that the prom was a total disaster, Pearl was impressed by SpongeBob and kissed him.

"Bossy Boots"

When Pearl came to the Krusty Krab, she and SpongeBob immediately bonded making changes to the restaurant, much to Squidward's disapproval. This would not last, as SpongeBob soon became dismayed about Pearl getting rid of Krabby Patties, his grill, and his spatula, and making him wear a silly costume. He soon learns that Pearl only did this to make her father happy, so SpongeBob helps out by "firing" her. Pearl then kisses SpongeBob before running off to the mall with her friends.

"The Slumber Party"

As SpongeBob tried constant attempts to get into Pearl's slumber party, she and the other girls kept kicking him out. He was eventually let in, only to be locked in Mr. Krabs' root beer cellar for ruining the party. After he accidentally wrecks everything, Pearl throws another party at Goo Lagoon, not inviting SpongeBob or Mr. Krabs, though SpongeBob didn't seem to mind.

Pearl was considerably meaner to SpongeBob in this episode in contrast to earlier ones, and has a different perspective of him. A particular example was when Pearl compared SpongeBob to Mr. Krabs, calling him "a no-good, dried-up, old fuddy-duddy". Previously in "Bossy Boots," Pearl called SpongeBob the very opposite: being full of style and fashion.

"Tunnel of Glove"

Tunnel Of Glove 5

Pearl and SpongeBob in the Tunnel of Glove.

At first, Pearl was angry at SpongeBob for talking to her, while Pearl's friends teased her by calling SpongeBob her "boyfriend". She is disappointed about being paired with SpongeBob in the ride. When it shuts down, SpongeBob gets scared, though Pearl thought he was being ridiculous. But Pearl eventually became scared as well, bonding with SpongeBob. The two work together to fight off the malfunctioning robots and escape the tunnel. Despite what they have been through, Pearl says that the ride was actually fun. This may likely indicate that she regained her interest with SpongeBob.

"Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation"

SpongeBob is seen singing about going on a vacation with his daughter Pearl. Then they share to each other which place they are interested in going to, which draws a competition to where they want to go.


When SpongeBob got captured by a hook, Pearl laughs at him. These are the 4 reasons Pearl might have laughed at him:

  1. She enjoyed watching SpongeBob being scared
  2. She knew it was a joke and she found it funny
  3. She never wanted to see SpongeBob again
  4. She and her friends saw him nude (after that his underwear ripped off when he was clinging the Krusty Krab's sign trying to make sure he wasn't going to be in dragged to the surface then put into a gift shop or packaged as a food product and gotten flung accidentally to the restaurants' doors) which extremely embarrassed him

"Barnacle Face"

Pearl end up having a barnacle on her face before her school dance. SpongeBob tried to help her get rid of the barnacle of the face but it wasn't coming off. Pearl end up getting more barnacles when she just uses soap and water. They both find out the soap was made out of leftover Krabby Patties thanks to Mr. Krabs, Pearl start to cry when her dance was supposed to be time to "sparkle" it gave SpongeBob an idea to cover her face with Mr. Krabs' jewels, and Pearl friends love her new look. This may cause Pearl to like SpongeBob more. 


  • In "Barnacle Face" she started to like SpongeBob more because he had helped her getting rid of the barnacles on her face.
  • In "MuscleBob Buffpants" she was going to kiss SpongeBob, it was cut for unknown reasons.


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