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Mr. Krabs hugging SpongeBob.

Most of the time, SpongeBob cares deeply about Mr. Krabs and follows orders as his employee.

However, Mr. Krabs' relationship towards SpongeBob can vary. Sometimes, particularly in early episodes, Mr. Krabs acted as a fatherly authority figure towards SpongeBob.

On the other hand, he can sometimes be mean to SpongeBob and use him for his greedy expense, but in general, the two of them have a relationship that's very much like a father and son.

Times of Friendship

  • Welcome to the Chum Bucket: After SpongeBob gets forced to work for Plankton, Mr. Krabs is deeply saddened by his loss. SpongeBob is also saddened by losing his boss.
  • Christmas Who?: Mr. Krabs joins SpongeBob, Patrick, and the other citizens in singing a Christmas carol.
  • Pressure: He joins SpongeBob in telling Sandy that sea creatures are better than land creatures.
  • Party Pooper Pants: He attends SpongeBob's party.
  • Krusty Love: SpongeBob helps Mr. Krabs impress Mrs. Puff.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Mr. Krabs seems very sorry for SpongeBob when he gave Squidward the manager position. Also, at the end after SpongeBob saves Bikini Bottom and his life he gave SpongeBob the job and mentioned he should have done it long ago.
  • My Pretty Seahorse: After SpongeBob tells his boss how close he is to Mystery, Mr. Krabs tells him a story of his dollar when he was younger, teaching SpongeBob that sometimes he must let friends go. However, both chase after the seahorse upon discovering she took a bite out of a dollar.
  • Nasty Patty: SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs mess up a Krabby Patty to trick a heath inspector they thought was an imposter. They later try disposing of the body.
  • Mid-Life Crustacean: SpongeBob and Patrick help Mr. Krabs regain his youth.
  • Born Again Krabs: After he sold SpongeBob to the Flying Dutchman for 62 cents and Squidward scolds him for it, Mr. Krabs realized his mistake and begs to want SpongeBob back.
  • SpongeBob Meets the Strangler: Mr. Krabs agrees to protect SpongeBob from his bully (until realizing it was the TattleTale Strangler), and later comes to SpongeBob's parties.
  • Shell of a Man: SpongeBob tries to masquerade as Mr. Krabs after his boss molts his shell.
  • Krabs vs. Plankton: SpongeBob impersonates Mr. Krabs' lawyer for the sake of his business.
  • Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy VI: The Motion Picture: Krabs helps SpongeBob with his movie by catering.
  • Best Day Ever: He joins SpongeBob in celebrating his "best day ever".           
  • Stanley S. SquarePants: Mr. Krabs calls SpongeBob his little money maker and kisses him.
  • No Nose Knows: Krabs, along with Sandy and Squidward, team up with SpongeBob to get rid of Patrick's nose.     
  • Plankton's Regular: SpongeBob tries to help Mr. Krabs persuade a customer to visit the Krusty Krab. 
  • The Slumber Party: SpongeBob tries to help Mr. Krabs infiltrate Pearl's slumber party.
  • Grandpappy the Pirate: Mr. Krabs gets SpongeBob, Squidward, and Patrick to help convince his great grandpappy he is a pirate.
  • SpongeBob vs. The Big One: Mr. Krabs joins SpongeBob and the others at their beach party. 
  • Shell Shocked: Mr. Krabs helps SpongeBob by lending his shell to Gary. SpongeBob later returns the favor by giving Krabs a towel to keep himself warm while his shell grows back.  
  • Growth Spout: SpongeBob helps Mr. Krabs feed Pearl by cooking a Krabby Patty.
  • Kracked Krabs: Mr. Krabs invites SpongeBob to attend an award ceremony when he could have asked someone else like Squidward. When he gets disqualified, SpongeBob cheers him up by "exaggerating", and the two end up stealing an entire hotel room.
  • Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation: SpongeBob is invited to the Krabs' family vacation.
  • Free Samples: SpongeBob and Krabs team up to sell Krabby Patties for free after Plankton makes everyone hate them.
  • It's a SpongeBob Christmas!: Mr. Krabs joins SpongeBob in singing Don't Be a Jerk (It's Christmas).     
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: Mr. Krabs helps SpongeBob and the gang battle Burger Beard.     
  • Cave Dwelling Sponge: When SpongeBob was framed by a cave sponge for vandalism, Mr. Krabs was the only one who believes that SpongeBob is innocent and goes to help him clear his name.

Times of conflict

Due to Mr. Krabs' extremely greedy attitude, he and SpongeBob are sometimes driven into conflict.

  • Born Again Krabs: Mr. Krabs sells SpongeBob to the Flying Dutchman for about 62 cents. Though, after Squidward talks sense into him, and Mr. Krabs begs for his employee back and gets his wish.
  • Squid on Strike: Although dismayed at first from being fired from the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob eventually discovers what a cheapskate Mr. Krabs is and tells him off in support of Squidward and the strike. Later on he destroys the Krusty Krab.  
  • Can You Spare a Dime?: After months of being bossed around by Squidward, SpongeBob angrily confronts Mr. Krabs to give him back his job. SpongeBob even scares Mr. Krabs for the first time by strangling and calling him a "crustaceous cheapskate" obsessed with a stupid dime.
  • Krab Borg: SpongeBob and Squidward torture Mr. Krabs thinking he was a robot imposter.
  • Clams: Mr. Krabs goes insane from losing his millionth dollar and being stranded on a boat. SpongeBob and Squidward try to leave on a life boat, but Mr. Krabs captures them and uses them as bait to attract the Giant Clam.
  • Krabby Land: SpongeBob calls Mr. Krabs a cheapskate after realizing his plot of scamming the kids for their money.
  • Wishing You Well: Mr. Krabs fails to believe SpongeBob that magic is real, so he ends up wishing he was boiled with a side of melted butter. 
  • Bummer Vacation: Mr. Krabs tries hard to keep SpongeBob away from the Krusty Krab during his vacation.
  • Krusty Plate: Mr. Krabs angrily chases SpongeBob for destroying his restaurant.
  • Penny Foolish: Mr. Krabs tries several plans to get an apparent penny that SpongeBob found earlier, even resorting to breaking into his home.
  • Gone: He and the other citizens celebrate National No SpongeBob Day and leave SpongeBob alone.
  • Patty Caper: Mr. Krabs tries to frame SpongeBob for stealing the Krabby Patty's secret ingredient.
  • No Hat for Pat: SpongeBob did not like Mr. Krabs' idea for Patrick to get hurt.
  • The Krabby Kronicle: Mr. Krabs forced SpongeBob to ruin peoples' lives by making lies about them on a tabloid newspaper. To teach him a lesson, SpongeBob betrays Krabs.
  • Greasy Buffoons: SpongeBob calls the health inspector to consult Mr. Krabs and Plankton after feeding the customers grease.  
  • The Cent of Money: SpongeBob gets enraged at Mr. Krabs for his abuse of Gary.
  • The Other Patty: Mr. Krabs and Plankton join forces at the end of the episode to get back at SpongeBob for tricking them. 
  • SpongeBob You're Fired: After Mr. Krabs fired SpongeBob just to save a nickel, he tries to make things better by taking his place as the royal fry cook. But when things went downhill at the Krusty Krab, Squidward brings SpongeBob back after rescuing him from the four restaurant managers. As Squidward begs to him return, Mr. Krabs apologizes to SpongeBob for firing him in the first place and hires him back.
  • The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie: Mr. Krabs gives Squidward the role of manager and called SpongeBob a kid unworthy of the title. The next day, when Neptune accuses Mr. Krabs of stealing his crown as he looks to SpongeBob for help but the latter yells at Mr. Krabs by calling him a jerk for overlooking him and only snaps out of it when Neptune nearly executes his boss. Later on, before reaching Shell City, SpongeBob almost abandons the quest because of the danger and nearly lets Mr. Krabs die after he saw the latter was right about his immaturity. SpongeBob only snaps out of it once Mindy helps him overcome his self-doubt and shows him why he should continue.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: After the apocalypse hits, he is among the crowd who think SpongeBob is a traitor once he helps Plankton escape. Mr. Krabs also went through with executing SpongeBob even making fun of his supposed tears before realizing he was smelling krabby patties.