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SpongeBob's Biggest Boating Blunders

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SpongeBob's Biggest Boating Blunders
General Information
Date(s): November 17, 2012
# Episode(s): 12
List of events

SpongeBob's Biggest Boating Blunders was an event that aired November 17, 2012 that aired many Boating School-related episodes leading up to the new episode "Bumper to Bumper."


Time Episode
8:00 am No Free Rides
8:15 am Mrs. Puff, You're Fired
8:30 am Driven to Tears
8:45 am Hall Monitor
9:00 am Boating Buddies
9:15 am The Hot Shot
9:30 am Nautical Novice
9:45 am Procrastination
10:00 am Doing Time
10:15 am Boating School
10:30 am Bumper to Bumper (New)
10:45 am Demolition Doofus

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