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SpongeBob's pants are pants worn by SpongeBob throughout the course of the series, beginning with "Help Wanted."


SpongeBob's pants are, as his surname implies, square pants worn by SpongeBob to fit the shape of his body. They are brown in color and contain a red tie in the middle, a black belt, and white clothing behind at the upper top with parts of them folded. In "Little Yellow Book," it is revealed that the pants are formed up of clothing (a white shirt, red tie, and black belt), hence the interchangeability of the terms "shirt" and "pants." Underneath them, he has been shown to wear an average white pair of underwear.

Role in series

SpongeBob's pants play a crucial role as a defining trait of his character, so much so that they are in his last name. The singing part of the theme song even begins with Hans putting them on SpongeBob after the latter walks out of his pineapple house in his underwear, embarrassed. The first instance of his pants being a central theme of an episode is "The Sponge Who Could Fly," in which unknowingly inserting a hair dryer into them causes him to reach the sky and have the ability to fly. Although he initially dreams of flying with the jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields, he becomes a superhero to the Bikini Bottomites, saving them in dangerous situations (e.g. saving Mrs. Puff's snail from a tree), though constant requested assistance eventually annoys him and causes him to make a move to Jellyfish Fields to pursue his dreams. During the process, Canonball Jenkins flies through SpongeBob's pants and rips them apart, thus removing their inflation.

SpongeBob is shown to have a closet full of varieties of his pants, as seen in "A Day Without Tears" and "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants," which could explain their sudden recovery after having been ripped apart, stolen, or abandoned (e.g. "Hooky," "The Sponge Who Could Fly," the aforementioned "To SquarePants or Not To SquarePants," etc.)


  • Despite SpongeBob's family sharing his surname, very few of them actually wear square pants like he does.
  • SpongeBob's pants are seen coming to life during the dream in "Procrastination."
  • SpongeBob usually doesn't sleep with his pants on.
  • SpongeBob has the ability to hide in his pants.
  • The first episode where SpongeBob is shown wearing attire other than his square pants is "Ripped Pants."
    • This is also the first episode where his pants aren't seen.
  • SpongeBob's pants are usually absent in episodes that primarily take place at Goo Lagoon. As such, they do not appear in the following episodes: "Ripped Pants," "Walking Small," "SpongeGuard on Duty" (not counting live-action SpongeBob costume), and "Sun Bleached."
  • When cloning SpongeBob in "CopyBob DittoPants," Plankton colors the clones' originally white ties blue instead of red.
  • The first character other than SpongeBob to wear these pants was Patrick in "Boating School." The second character to wear them was Plankton in "F.U.N."
  • It is revealed in "To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants” by the clerk that SpongeBob’s pants are only shipped to Bikini Bottom every few times a year.

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