SpongeBob's alarm clock, also known as Alarmy[1], is an alarm clock in SpongeBob's bedroom. It appears in various episodes, starting with "Help Wanted." It going off has become a commonly used sound effect throughout the series.


SpongeBob's alarm clock appears to be a repurposed white foghorn and is kept on a barrel next to SpongeBob's bed. It has a light gray corner around its circular opening. It also has a red clock on the bottom of it that has a transparent blue glass screen. There is a switch behind said clock to set the time. In some of its appearances, it is depicted with a red snooze button.

Role in series

The alarm clock makes numerous appearances throughout the series and is typically heard going off near the start of an episode when SpongeBob wakes up in the morning. It typically blows air near SpongeBob's direction while going off and has transported him to his various destinations after he wakes up, as seen in many episodes (e.g. "Something Smells," "Missing Identity," "Life Insurance").

Despite having seemed to be destroyed near the end of "Pet Sitter Pat" as a result of Patrick and Gary's fight, it is shown to have recovered after this episode.

It shows signs of sentience in "Gary's New Toy" and nearly loses its energy, as evidenced by its coughing from a lack of oxygen due to Gary chewing on it among other things in SpongeBob's house.

In the episode "Don't Wake Patrick," SpongeBob turns the volume on his alarm clock up and sets it to the waking hour in an attempt to wake Patrick from sleepwalking. The noise is so loud that it wakes several citizens up and causes worms to start barking, however it fails to cause any affect on Patrick, as he continues sleepwalking.


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Video games

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  • In some episodes, SpongeBob has to press a button on the alarm clock to stop it. In other episodes, the alarm clock stops by itself.
  • The sound of this alarm clock is heard when SpongeBob and Patrick blow a bubble of a sailboat in "Bubblestand."
  • SpongeBob's ancestor SpongeGar had a giant purple dinosaur fish wake him up back in prehistoric times.
  • SpongeBob mishears the customers' cheering as the sound of his alarm clock near the end of his dream in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.
  • There have been a few episodes where SpongeBob's alarm clock is inexplicably absent when his room is seen.


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