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SpongeBob's Wringer
SpongeBob's Wringer
Type: Home appliance
First appearance: "Suds"
Latest appearance: "Sentimental Sponge"
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SpongeBob's Wringer is a wringer that appears in many SpongeBob episodes, notably the newer episodes. It helps SpongeBob dry off much faster.



In the episode, the wringer makes a cameo appearance in the background of SpongeBob's bathroom.


In the episode, the wringer is shown when Patrick dries his clothes. However, this might be a different wringer.

"Blackened Sponge"

In the episode, SpongeBob's wringer makes another cameo appearance in the bathroom.

"Truth or Square"

In Truth or Square, SpongeBob is shown using it when he's singing the song A Day Like This.

"Stuck in the Wringer"

In the episode, the wringer makes a very important role in this episode. SpongeBob slips on his soap and gets stuck in it, and it causes him to have a mishap filled day. He gets even more stuck when Patrick uses forever glue on it. Near the end of the episode, SpongeBob and Patrick cry tears, which melts the glue, and SpongeBob is freed.  Once they are both freed from the wringer, SpongeBob throws the wringer up into the air, however, it lands and traps both Patrick and SpongeBob in it.

"That Sinking Feeling"

In the episode, the wringer makes another small role in this episode, when Squidward searches through SpongeBob's home.

"Sentimental Sponge"

In the episode, it makes a very short appearance in SpongeBob's bathroom.

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