SpongeBob's unicycle, often called a bike, is SpongeBob's transportation until he gets his boating license and a boatmobile. It first appears in the episode "Boating School."


The unicycle is blue and somewhat tall. SpongeBob called it a "bike," which is technically incorrect.

In the episodes "Demolition Doofus," "Sandy's Nutmare" and "Code Yellow," it is red instead of blue.

Role in series

"Boating School"

SpongeBob drives himself to Mrs. Puff's Boating School, then he throws it into the dumpster because he was certain that he would pass his driving test that day, but, as expected, he fails. Later, he is saddened because he threw out his bike and can't go to the hospital to cheer up Mrs. Puff. However, Gary gets the bike back, and he and SpongeBob visit Mrs. Puff.

"No Free Rides"

When Mrs. Puff knocks SpongeBob out of his new boat, he uses his unicycle to keep up with her.

"Born to Be Wild"

After SpongeBob and Patrick witness the Mild Ones, they decide to dress up like tough bikers and

"Choir Boys"

SpongeBob rides the unicycle next to Squidward's bicycle and asks Squidward if he is good enough to join the Bikini Bottom Men's Choir.


SpongeBob, while riding his unicycle, falls out of it due to traffic.

"Karate Star"

Patrick chops the unicycle when SpongeBob finds him and tries to tell Patrick to stop chopping.

"Demolition Doofus"

SpongeBob rides his unicycle to boating school.

"Sandy's Nutmare"

SpongeBob uses it to give the Bikini Bottomites some of Sandy's Nutty Butter.

"Code Yellow"

SpongeBob encounters Squidward walking in the middle of the road while riding his unicycle. After finding out that he's going to the hospital to get a nose job, SpongeBob offers him a ride, but Squidward turns this it down. SpongeBob then attaches a trash can to his unicycle to accommodate Squidward.

Role in Battle for Bikini Bottom

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