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Wii version

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SpongeBob's Truth or Square (Wii) Speedrun

SpongeBob's Truth or Square (Wii) Speedrun

Xbox 360 version

SpongeBob's Truth or Square - Longplay Co-op 2 Players Full Game Walkthrough (Wii, Xbox 360, PSP)

SpongeBob's Truth or Square - Longplay Co-op 2 Players Full Game Walkthrough (Wii, Xbox 360, PSP)

Chapter I: Fun Times Jellyfishing with Patrick

From: "Jellyfishing" At the beginning of the level, the player starts as SpongeBob. The player can only press the triangle to use the spatula attack. There are various destructible objects throughout the level. When the player saw Gary with a "?" on his shell which means a tip. Hit Gary to know what are you going to do next. When the player saw Lary with a "!"  on his shell, it's a bonus round. SpongeBob must kill an endless wave of robots within the time limit. Kill the robots you encounter. When you reach a cave, there are carnival bell game equipments. To activate one, first you need to become buffed by collecting a buff-ness power-up. You can use this to kill more enemies, destroy blocks made of stone and activate objects. Whack all of the bell game equipments. Don't forget to battle the robots and activate the switches. If you do, go outside and slide down the gum slide. When you reach the giant SpongeBob stone statues, (this part is from the episode "SpongeHenge") collect the hammer power-up and SpongeBob forms into a mallet and you can play as Patrick. Finish off all of the robots to complete the level.

Chapter II: Meeting Sandy Cheeks!

From: "Tea at the Treedome" Well, this is definitely the first level where the player encounters the first boss. The player can now press the square for a spin attack. Spin the spinning thing twice then get on the 1st platform before the time runs out. Do the same on the 2nd spinning thing. Get on the two platforms before the time runs out. Destroy the crates and barrels you see ahead. Careful, this is a really tricky battle. Avoid the hazards and watch out for the big spin attack bots. Finish off the robots, destroy destructible objects and then get the key. Spin the 3rd spinning thing twice and different platforms will appear. Hop 3 of them within the time limit. You will encounter the 2nd buff-ness power-up. Get it if you like. If you enter a cave, watch out for kelp traps. These can disable your buff-ness. Press the square to flee. There are a lot of traps in this place with destructible objects. Avoid traps and hit the destructible objects along the way. Collect the Karate glove power-up and SpongeBob will morph into Karate gloves and the player can play as Sandy. You can use this to destroy traps, kill more foes and destroy objects. You will encounter the 1st boss. When low in health, pick up 6 of SpongeBob's Tightey Whiteys. When the boss will attack you with the hammer attack, run around and hit its behind. Avoid the spin attacks to concentrate to hit the boss' behind. When you finished off the boss the level is complete.

Chapter III: Bikini Bottom

From: "Culture Shock" In the start, guide SpongeBob along the pathway until you reach some enemies. If you want to eliminate them into two hits, grab the Buff power-up to get it and destroy the stone blocks until you saw a switch and activate it. Fight the mechanical foes before you get back and hop on to the plat forms and keep moving on. Collect more happiness nuggets and eliminate more robots while avoiding hot steam and giant chum fists. Hit the Bounce Bot twice and jump on it before it recovers. Keep going until you reach the super hard part: security laser escape. Hit the switch and jump on the platforms while avoiding the security lasers. If you touched one, the platforms will descend. Try to keep avoiding the lasers until you reached the other side. There are also lasers here, so avoid them but if you touched one, you'll be alerted by the villains. Eliminate them. After this, you'll be in a series of enemies, with the last is a Bounce Bot to reach the other button. Kill all foes until you reached outside. Shoot a balloon fish at a button ahead of you but you have to hurry, as the chamber will close within the time limit. Once there, you are surrounded by enemies, so pick up the Eighth Note power-up and SpongeBob will morph into a clarinet and you can play as Squidward, who is repeatedly using SpongeBob as a cannon that fires 3 balloon fishes at once. Once the robots are destroyed, advance to the final area. You're in for a tournament match against powerful spin bots, so push all buttons, kill all enemies, obtain SpongeBoy (SpongeBob's mop) and clean up the stage while Squidward dances.

Chapter IV: Pretending to be Tough with Patrick

From: "No Weenies Allowed" After finishing the previous level, Patrick transforms into his mega-mech form: PatBot. The player must destroy PatBot and other enemies in this boss fight. PatBot will first knock down an ice cream truck, so be careful when going towards this area, you will slip and skid around. Avoid PatBots attacks at all costs. When his belt buckle stops him, get buff and whack the buckle so that SpongeBob could attack him from behind (mostly his butt). Next, PatBot knocks down a candy truck, and SpongeBob will only use his tongue when he goes to that area, but he can't attack. Repeat the same procedure over again and destroy PatBot, thus finishing the level. You have now unlocked Arc 2 of the game.

Chapter V: Becoming a Fry Cook!

From: "Help Wanted"

As this is your first mission of this arc, Mr. Krabs now informs the player about enemies with cannons and grabbing some water from tubs. Be careful of the sand of this level because it is called quicksand, and if SpongeBob steps onto any of these areas, he'll sink to the ground, making an easy target for his enemies. Feed the customers by first killing all enemies and activate Squidward's Patty Gadget (as seen in "SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget") through a pinball series. Be careful try not to take a dip into the water as this is tar, and watch out for the steam coming out of the steam machines. Repeat these processes over and over again until Gary tells you about using water abilities. Press and hold the circle button to make SpongeBob squirt water and pressing the square button squeezes all water from SpongeBob if you wanted to try again to some other parts. Once you reached the final part of the level, there are a lot of cannon bots so use the Invincibility to prevent SpongeBob from taking damage from enemies and traps. Once all enemies are killed, Mr. Krabs now hires SpongeBob as the fry cook of the Krusty Krab.