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SpongeBob's Milkshake License

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SpongeBob's Milkshake License
Type: License
First appearance: "Yours, Mine and Mine"
Latest appearance: "License to Milkshake"
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SpongeBob's Milkshake License is license to make milkshakes SpongeBob SquarePants has in the episodes, "Yours, Mine and Mine" and "License to Milkshake." In "License to Milkshake," SpongeBob discovers that his license expired years ago and goes back to the Milkshake Academy to get a new one.


It is a purple license card, with bold letters at the top that read out "Milkshake License." Below that, there is text that reads "Class D" and 3 check boxes labeled "Chocolate," "Vanilla," and "Strawberry." At the bottom, SpongeBob's name is signed in cursive writing.


  • SpongeBob's milkshake license expired around the time of "Selling Out." This could be a possible explanation as to why his license expired.

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