SpongeBob's first Krabby Patty is a sandwich that first appears in the episode "Friend or Foe."


It is a tiny Krabby Patty, SpongeBob probably never ate it to keep his memories.

However, in "Pineapple Invasion," it is a bronze trophy.


When SpongeBob was a baby, he made a perfect Krabby Patty.[1]

Shortly after, he had it bronzed.[2]

Years later, the statue broke due to Gary trying to stop Plankton from getting the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.[2]

Before it broke, SpongeBob was planning to have given it to his grandchildren.[2]

Role in the series

Friend or Foe

It first appears in Friend or Foe, in a segment with Patchy and Potty, it shows baby SpongeBob making it.

Pineapple Invasion

It is seen bronzed, but it broke. SpongeBob was planning to give it to his grandchildren.


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