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Spongebob's Dream
Spongebobs dream
In-game footage from the level
A large area that appears to be the inside of a colossal pineapple.
Industry: Dream
Location: Spongebob's Mind
First appearance: Sleepy Time
Latest appearance: Fear of a Krabby Patty
List of places

SpongeBob's Dream is a level in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. It also makes an appearance in the episodes "Sleepy Time," "Suds," and "Fear of a Krabby Patty."

Battle for Bikini Bottom

  • SpongeBob's Dream: This is the main hub of the level. It is a giant area inside what looks like a giant pineapple. The player must navigate all the way to the end of a hazard-filled path through the dreamscape to reach the Golden Spatula.

Other Levels

  • Sandy's Dream: A giant slide through and over Texas, decorated with cow skulls, "Texas Ranger" emblems, and trucks of manure. The slide leads to a giant acorn where the Golden Spatula is located. By paying Shiny Objects to a clam, the player can unlock a secret spatula where the player must defeat robots for Plankton.
  • Squidward's Dream: This area features a giant head of Squidward playing the clarinet. The player must jump across the music notes coming out of his clarinet to reach the Golden Spatula on Squidward's nose.
  • Mr. Krabs' Dream: A huge Krabby Patty grill surrounded by piles of money and Krabby Patties. The player must defeat the robots to get the Golden Spatula.
  • Patrick's Dream: This area is nothing but a black void with Patrick standing in it, who gives the player a Golden Spatula simply for talking to him.

Sleepy Time

In this episode, SpongeBob dreams of getting his license. Eventually, however, he gets in an accident, and starts flying into town. Mrs.Puff comes to SpongeBob and rips his license saying: "Not even in your Dreams Mr. Squarepants!".


Here, SpongeBob has a simpler dream, where he is standing on top of a giant Krabby Patty. It starts raining normal-sized Krabby Patties, and an excited SpongeBob begins to eat them, before waking up.

Fear of a Krabby Patty

Of all of SpongeBob's in-episode dreams, this one is probably the most detailed. It begins with SpongeBob jellyfishing, only for him to be caught and eaten by one of the giant Krabby Patties that SpongeBob imagines in fear throughout the episode. Inside the patty, SpongeBob looks around in the dark, and after turning on the light, he is now in his bed at home. The Krabby Patty enters the room, and gives SpongeBob chocolate milk and a cookie pizza. He then reminds SpongeBob that he will always be with him (in his arteries), and SpongeBob wakes up.

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