SpongeBob's bicycle is a vehicle that SpongeBob SquarePants randomly cooks in a saucepan in the episode  "Pickles."


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Role in episode

SpongeBob loses his mind after Bubble Bass informs him that there are no pickles on his Double Triple Bossy Deluxe, so his house becomes a mess and his language turns into distorted gibberish. During Mr. Krabs' visit to SpongeBob's house, he tells him a metaphor: "Life is like riding a bike: you never forget." The scene then pans to SpongeBob's bicycle being cooked in a saucepan.


  • Most bicycles in the series have wheels like the ones on tug boats, but this one has rubber wheels.
  • SpongeBob is never shown riding it, presumably because he rides his unicycle most of the time.
  • It is unknown if SpongeBob can actually ride a bicycle, but it is likely, due to the fact that he rides a unicycle.

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