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This is the page about SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis. If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see Atlantis SquarePantis.
If you were looking for the article about the DVD, then see SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis (DVD).
This is the page about SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis. If you were looking for the article about book, then see Atlantis SquarePantis (book).
Video game
SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis

SpongeBob Atlantis SquarePantis Wii


SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis


General Information
Developer: Blitz Games (Wii and PS2), Altron (Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance)
Publisher: THQ
Released: DS:
October 23, 2007
October 23, 2007
November 12, 2007
November 12, 2007
Genre: Action-adventure
Modes: Single player
Two-player Story Mode (accessible at Patrick's house in the game)
Ratings: ESRB: Everyone (E)
Platforms: Wii (Playable on Wii U)
PlayStation 2 (Playable on old Playstation3)
Nintendo DS (Playable on Nintendo 3DS)
Game Boy Advance (Playable on Nintendo DS)
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SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis is a SpongeBob SquarePants video game based on the television series and the Atlantis SquarePantis TV movie. This is the first SpongeBob game that is based on an episode. This is also the first SpongeBob game on home consoles that is not for GameCube. This is also the second time a player can play as Mr. Krabs. This is the last SpongeBob game released for Game Boy Advance and the Playstation 2.


In the beginning of the game, SpongeBob and Patrick are blowing bubbles. They blow one that is too large and they get trapped inside, taking them to a cave. In the cave, they discover parts of the Atlantean Amulet. After finding all ten pieces, the cave begins to collapse and they must escape. After leaving the cave, the two go to Bikini Bottom and show the Amulet to Squidward at the museum. He realizes that by finding the Amulet, they are able to go to Atlantis.

They want to take Mr. Krabs, who agrees, but makes SpongeBob and Patrick find his golden spatula first. After finding it, they try to get Sandy to come with them, who agrees under the condition that SpongeBob and Patrick defeat her in a karate match. After defeating Sandy, they head into the bus and fly to Atlantis, but run out of song fuel. The bus then crashes.

They discover that they are in the lost continent of Mu. The leader of Mu tells them that they can find sheet music for Squidward to play there, but they need to find the red and blue jewels to be able to access it in the ruins of Mu. They find both jewels and fight a boss for the sheet music, but they discover it is too dirty.

So they head into the volcano to find a sacred fire flower that can make the music readable. Upon finding it, Squidward's clarinet has been stolen by a giant jellyfish, but they manage to recover it. Squidward plays the sheet music, providing the song fuel needed to reach Atlantis.

After reaching Atlantis, Lord Royal Highness lets them explore it. They travel through a treasure room, a science lab, a music room, and an industrial factory before they finally reach the world's oldest living bubble.

Unfortunately, SpongeBob and Patrick pop it and the Atlanteans turn on them, forcing the two to have to escape quickly. After fighting through the Atlantean guards, they reach the courtyard of Atlantis, where Plankton pops out. They destroy Plankton's tank and return home to Bikini Bottom.

Idle Animations seen in DS

  • SpongeBob - Sits on the ground and plays his nose like a flute. (Same one in The GBA Version.)
  • Patrick - Sits around and looks left and right and then chews on his hand.



  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Amulet Adventure, Snap Happy, part of Music Magical Journey, Bus Building Bonanza (technically in the bus), Tour Trouble, parts of Hide and Sneak)
  • Sandy Cheeks (part of Music Magical Journey, Bus Building Bonanza (technically in the bus), parts of Tour Trouble, Money Krabbing, parts of Hide and Sneak, Squidward Super Shooter)
  • Patrick Star (Amulet Adventure, part of Music Magical Journey, Bus Building Bonanza (technically in the bus), parts of Tour Trouble, Paparazzi Patrick, parts of Hide and Sneak)
  • Squidward Tentacles (part of Music Magical Journey, Bus Building Bonanza (technically in the bus), parts of Tour Trouble, Squidward the Poser, parts of Hide and Sneak, Squidward Super Shooter (technically the gun))
  • Mr. Krabs (does not speak) (Bus Building Bonanza (technically in the bus), parts of Tour Trouble, parts of Hide and Sneak)
  • Plankton (Tanklantis Plankpantis (in a tank), part of Music Magical Journey, Bus Building Bonanza (technically in the bus, but doesn't speak), Armory Antics, Super Tank Showdown (in a tank))



  • Atlantean Tanks



Wii Version:

  1. Tanklantis Plankpantis! - Help Plankton maneuver his tank through Atlantis and shoot ice cream at opposing tanks.
  2. Amulet Adventure! - Play as SpongeBob and Patrick as they journey through the abandon caves and find the missing halves of the Atlantis Amulet.
  3. Snap Happy! - Help SpongeBob take pictures of the museum exhibits with his camera and shoot Krabby Patties at annoying guards.
  4. Music Magical Journey! - Help Squidward, Sandy, SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton sing to help the fuel gauge on the bus stay normal.
  5. Bus Building Bonanza! - Drive the Magical Flying Bus through the Atlantis gardens and repair it by collecting tool kits.
  6. Tour Trouble! - Help SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs stay safe on Lord Royal Highness's tour.
  7. Money Krabbing! - Help Sandy collect money for Mr. Krabs in the treasure room.
  8. Squidward the Poser! - Help the Atlantis artist paint Squidward by helping Squidward strike the correct pose at the correct time.
  9. Paparazzi Patrick! - Help Patrick take some souvenir photos of the Atlantean exhibits.
  10. Hide and Sneak! - Help the gang avoid the Atlanteans after popping the World's Oldest Living Bubble.
  11. Armory Antics! - Help Plankton strike the correct movements at the correct time to reach the Atlantis weapon room.
  12. Squidward Super Shooter! - Help Sandy use Squidward as a ping-pong ball shooting machine to help them defeat the Atlanteans.
  13. Super Tank Showdown! - Like in Level 1; help Plankton maneuver his tank through Atlantis through new areas as not seen in Level 1.
  14. Operation: Trash Dash! - After the gang said goodbye and left; help the Atlantean throw the amulet in the trash by striking the correct movements at the correct time.

Director's commentary

This is an unlockable feature that goes with each level. It reveals with-in universe behind-the-scenes content provided by SpongeBob, the director of the game. It reveals that the game is not a video game version of "Atlantis SquarePantis," but based off the events of it.


An IGN review of the Nintendo DS version was headlined, "SpongeBob actually managed to be boring." Likewise, the most-criticized aspects of all versions was the clunky camera control, the lackluster AI, and the annoying method of having to return to the start of the level to switch characters. It was also called "too short" and "too easy" for older gamers. A review of the Wii version called the game "second-rate," "sloppy," "tedious" and "really boring." The graphics were criticized for being "bland." The PlayStation 2 version was criticized for the same reasons, but were given a slightly lower rating, because IGN says that Wii Remote controls spice up the shooting games.


  • There are only two platforming stages in the game. The game has mostly "point and shoot" and button combination stages.
  • This is the first game to be specially based off a TV episode from the show.
  • This was the last SpongeBob game that was released for the Playstation 2 and the GameBoy Advance.
  • Each stage has three acts. The other two acts need to be purchased at the shop.
  • On IGN's review of this game it was going to be released on the PS3 But however it was not released for that console it may be possible that could be Plankton's Robotic Revenge.[citation needed]
  • The game starts off with Plankton in his tank destroying Atlantis. Unlike the episode which starts off with SpongeBob and Patrick blowing bubbles. (Which in the game is shown as a flashback.)
  • Mr. Krabs is bright red in the PlayStation 2 version.
  • Mr. Krabs doesn't speak. He only makes groaning and laughing sounds.
  • Just like what happened with Creature from the Krusty Krab, the Wii version's disc used two ink colors at launch, but eventually was given the PS2 printing but with Wii insignia.
  • In the TV episode, they never stop in the lost continent of Mu to refuel, which only happens in the DS version of the game.
  • The voice of some of the Atlanteans was the same voice as the Professor from the Alaskan Bull Worm in Creature from the Krusty Krab.
  • The voice of the narrator in the first cutscene was the same voice as the Helicopter news correspondent in Creature from the Krusty Krab.
  • There are is a sponge and a starfish that resemble SpongeBob and Patrick. SpongeBob calls them, "SpongeGar" and "Patar." It is possible that this is the real SpongeGar and Patar.
  • In the Amulet Adventure! level, SpongeBob named the cave. "Dave."
  • According to SpongeBob, before this game, Patrick has had hunted bread products at least once.
  • In the Amulet Adventure! level, it foreshadows SpongeBob and Patrick finding the amulet twice. Once when SpongeBob wonders if there is treasure in the cave and once when the Ghostly Pirates mention that there is treasure in the cave.
  • SpongeBob almost breaks the fourth wall thrice. Once in Snap Happy!, when he wishes that he could continue to take pictures by wishing that this adventure was a game. Once in Tour Trouble!, when he says that being in the Science Room is like being in a TV. Once in Money Krabbing!, (in the commentary) when he mentions that he should have a TV show, but then thinks that that would bot be a good idea. He then asks, "Who would watch a show called, 'SpongeBob SquarePants?'"
  • The producers for the console versions, Team RocFISH hid RocFish in every level of the game and in some of the variations of the levels too. They are:
    • Tanklantis Plankpantis! - ?
    • Amulet Adventure! - They appear below the platforms.
    • Snap Happy! - At the end of the level, a RocFish appears outside of the Museum.
    • Music Magical Journey! - They appear outside of the bus.
    • Bus Building Bonanza! - ?
    • Tour Trouble! - ?
    • Money Krabbing! - It sometimes appears as one of the objects going down from the top of the screen.
    • Paparazzi Patrick! - One appears in a tube in the Museum of Atlantis.
    • Squidward Super Shooter! - One appears in a tube in the laboratory.
    • Super Tank Showdown! - ?
    • Operation: Trash Dash! - It appears going in and out of a tunnel while the guard is running.

This list is incomplete, but you can help Encyclopedia SpongeBobia by expanding it.

  • This game was released on Game Boy Advance and Wii five years after "Squeaky Boots" premiered in Japan.
  • In the DS version, Squidward is not a playable character until after the player finishes the game.
  • This is the last SpongeBob game released on Game Boy Advance.


  • This game takes place after "Help Wanted" because SpongeBob knew Mr. Krabs and in Mr. Krabs' song in the episode version, it shows SpongeBob at the Money Krusty Krab in his uniform.
  • This game takes place after "Tea at the Treedome" because he knows Sandy.
  • This game takes place after "Texas" because in that episode, SpongeBob and Patrick find out what Texas is, and in this game SpongeBob references Texas.
  • This game takes place after "Squidville" (see "Errors" section for explanation).
  • This game takes place after "Imitation Krabs" because when Plankton is driving the tank he mentions Robot Krabs.
  • This game takes place after "Squirrel Jokes" because in the commentary of Money Krabbing!, SpongeBob says that he made fun of squirrels for being dumb.
  • This game takes place before "Rodeo Daze" because in the commentary of Money Krabbing!, SpongeBob says that he has never been to a planet like Texas.
  • This game takes place after "Karate Island" because in the commentary of Squidward Super Shooter, SpongeBob mentions Sandy fighting against Master Udon.
  • This game takes place after "I'm with Stupid" because in the unlockable level variation, "Picture Perfect," Patrick mentions that with the camera, he can take a picture of his parents so that he does not forget them again.
  • This game takes place after "Boating School" because in the commentary of Bus Building Bonanza!, SpongeBob mentions that he has taken the boating test 857 times.
  • This game takes place after "Artist Unknown" because in the commentary of Squidward the Poser!, SpongeBob talks about how Squidward taught him how to be an artist. He directly mentions events in that episode.
  • This game takes place after Skill Crane and Tunnel of Glove because in the commentary for Amulet Adventure!, SpongeBob mentions how nice the ghostly pirates are, but in the latter episode, he is afraid of ghostly pirates.
  • In real life:
    • The DS and PlayStation 2 versions of this game premiered between the American premiere dates of "Fungus Among Us" and "Le Big Switch" and "Atlantis SquarePantis."
    • The Wii and Game Boy Advance versions was released on the American premiere date of "Atlantis SquarePantis."

Cultural references

  • Pimp My Ride - One of the level variations of the level, "Bus Building Bonanza!" is called, "Shrimp My Ride!," which is a reference to the title of that show.
  • Titanic (1997 film) - One of the paintings in the Art Room in the level, "Tour Trouble!," has a strong resemblance to the painting from that movie.


  • In a variation of the level Hide and Sneak, Squidward says "When we get home I'm moving back to Squidville." He called it Squidville (the name of the episode) instead of Tentacle Acres (the place.)
  • In the Amulet Adventure! level, a Ghostly Pirate says, "I need a parakeet." However, the captions read, "I need a parrot."
  • In the Amulet Adventure! level, a Ghostly Pirate says that he is allergic to treasure. It is unknown why he is in a cave with treasure if he is allergic to it.
  • A display case shows a diorama of three houses that are similar to the ones on Conch Street. However, it is in the wrong order. The diorama shows Squidward's house, Patrick's house, then SpongeBob's house.
  • In the Tour Trouble! level, in the Art Room, Sandy asks, "Whatcha Doing?" However, the captions read, "What Doing?"
  • If the player reaches a score in which the player cannot get an amulet, the game has a message that reads, "You have already earned all medals upto this one."

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