Split Decision is the second comic in SpongeBob Comics #2.



SpongeBob is about to go to Jellyfish Fields to watch the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger leave its cave. He says that he is glad he took the day off from work. SpongeBob's gets a call from Mr. Krabs. He says that a boatload of Clamdiggers just pulled up and that he needs SpongeBob to come in. SpongeBob is about to explain that he cannot, but Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob not to let him down and hangs up. SpongeBob says that he cannot let Mr. Krabs down, but he wants to see the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger. SpongeBob then says that it is his duty as an employee to help Mr. Krabs, but then says that the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger only appears once a year. He is unsure what to do. He then realizes something. He rips himself in half. He says that he will do both.

Krusty Krab story

The left half of SpongeBob goes to work. When SpongeBob arrives, Mr. Krabs thanks SpongeBob for coming in. SpongeBob says that he is happy to help. He goes to the kitchen and sees the order. He notes that they want their patties rare, which he likes to see. He then says that 600 patties will be made. SpongeBob makes the patties and has them ready. Mr. Krabs thanks SpongeBob but asks if he will wait on the tables. SpongeBob says that he will because he likes to wait on the clamdiggers. He then asks who is ready to order. All of the clamdiggers start to order. He quickly gets the orders. Six hours later, he says that he cannot cook anymore. Mr. Krabs then thanks SpongeBob for coming in on National Work-For-Nothing Day. SpongeBob is surprised that he worked for nothing. He then goes home.

Jellyfish Fields story

The right half of SpongeBob goes to Jellyfish Fields. He then looks in his Jellyfish book to see what it says about the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger. It says that they are rare. When he gets to the cave of the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger, he tries to call to her, but after six hours, she does not leave. In the book, it says that the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger is known as the "Shy Lady of the Sea." He says that he will have to be patient at relax. He says that he enjoys waiting. He is about to sit down when the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger leaves her cave. SpongeBob manages to catch her. A police officer shows up and says that He will have to let her go because she is a baby. SpongeBob is surprised that she is a baby. He says goodbye to the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger. He then goes home.


SpongeBob forms back together. He says that it worked well. He then looks down to see that he has two ties.