Spilled milk

Spilled Milk

Spilled milk in Plankton's Good Eye

Type: Drink
First appearance: "The Secret Box"
Latest appearance: "Plankton's Good Eye"
List of objects

The spilled milk is a carton of milk that has been tipped over. It briefly appears in "The Secret Box" and "Plankton's Good Eye."


In "The Secret Box," the carton is white and has a dark blue stripe on it that reads "milk" in white and in all caps. The milk itself is regular milk.

In "Plankton's Good Eye," the carton is white and has red writing on it that reads "milk" in all caps. The milk itself is once again regular milk.

Role in episode

In "The Secret Box," after SpongeBob tells Patrick some of his secrets to try and make him show him what's inside his secret box, the latter refuses, saying that while the former is an open book, he is more complicated, adding that "the inner machinations of [his] mind are an enigma." Patrick then imagines a live-action carton of milk spilling itself.

In "Plankton's Good Eye," Plankton tells a story to SpongeBob in hope of making him cry. Near the end of the story, Plankton spills a carton of milk that SpongeBob placed, making him cry when he finishes the story.

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