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Speckled Squirter

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Speckled Squirter
The Pink Purloiner 11
Colors: Pink
Kingdom: Animalia (Animal) (WP)
Phylum: Cnidaria (WP)
Subphylum: Medusozoa(WP)
Series Information
First appearance: "The Pink Purloiner"
Latest appearance: "The Pink Purloiner"
List of species

The Speckled Squirter is a rare type of jellyfish only seen in the episode "The Pink Purloiner." It can squirt jelly from various parts of its body. It was seen along with many other rare jellyfish during Bikini Bottom's annual jellyfish migration.


The jellyfish is similar to a normal jellyfish except that its squirters are longer and it has other mini-squirters around its body. It also has seven stingers, instead of four. Regular jellies can only squirt jelly from their four stingers. As its name suggests, the Speckled Squirter can squirt jelly from most parts of its body. In one episode, SpongeBob milks a jellyfish like a cow to get its jelly so it is possible that if he catches it he will probably make enough sandwiches to give to all of Bikini Bottom.


  • The Speckled Squirter's tentacles are a darker pink than the normal jellyfish's tentacles.

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