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Soda Ghost

187b - Seance Shmeance 056


Interests: Eating
Aliases: Ghost
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Translucent yellow (Ghost Host) Green (Séance Shméance)
Eye color: Yellow
Classification: Ghost
Friends: Flying Dutchman, Fat Ghost
Enemies: SpongeBob SquarePants
Series information
First appearance: "Ghost Host"
Latest appearance: SpongeBob Moves In!
Portrayer: Doug Lawrence
List of characters

The Soda Ghost is one of the Flying Dutchman's friends in "Ghost Host." He also appears in "Séance Shméance." In Ghost Slayer, he is the main enemy.


In "Ghost Host," he is a yellow ghost with a ghost tail, big lips, and he holds a can of soda.

In "Séance Shméance," he is green and wears a shirt.

He says "Why have you disturbed me?" after being awoken by the psychic. Then he says "Twas Gale who left things unreplenished" after being accused of not restocking the toilet paper.


In "Ghost Host," he was seen drinking a can of soda. He was told to leave with the other ghosts, even Nancy Suzy Fish.

In "Séance Shméance," he is the roommate of the Psychic and Gale.

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