If you were looking for the article about the brand of treats, then see Snail Bites.

Snail Bites is a factory that made snails treats of the same name. It was only seen in the episode "Treats!"



The factory is made up of four buildings. The building's colors are light blue, light orange, and light olive-green. Each building has windows and some with a door. The buildings have various machinery on them which connects to other parts of the factory. On one side of the building, it has stars. On the top, there is a large and slightly dirty sign that says "Snail Bites" on it. Around the factory, there is a perimeter fence and an entrance part.


The Snail Bites factory was closed down when SpongeBob and Gary went there. According to the Snail Bites Company Worker, the factory was closed down because the Snail Bites were so popular that they sold out of the stores and the factory ran out of ingredients to make them. The owner dropped out of the pet food business entirely.


  • It is unknown who was even the owner of the Snail Bites factory.