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SpongeBob holding the box of Snail Bites.
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Snail Bites are a brand of treats that were on a commercial that SpongeBob saw at work. He then bought them and brought them home for Gary. Gary liked them so much, that when he had eaten enough SpongeBob made him do tricks for them. After Gary ate the whole box in one day, he started meowing like crazy. SpongeBob couldn't sleep, so he went to every pet store in the ocean but none had them, as they were all sold out. Consequently, Gary didn't stop meowing. Patrick told SpongeBob that he needed to say "no" to Gary. Spongebob tried this and Gary stopped meowing. At the end Patrick was eating the last existing box of Snail Treats and, after they were all gone, started acting like Gary. They only appear in the episode Treats!.


  • Snail Bites appear addictive to snails just like Krabby Patties are addictive to the Bikini Bottomites.
  • Snail Bites also seem to be filled with ingredients like catnip (or another substitution for it), a plant that attracts cats.
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