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Missing Identity 31
Type: Food
First appearance: "Missing Identity"
Latest appearance: "SpongeBob You're Fired"
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Snail-Po is a brand of snail food, which is not recommended for any sea creatures other than snails.


Snail-Po is used to feed the snails of Bikini Bottom, but most snails do not seem to enjoy the food, including Gary the Snail, as seen in the episode "Have You Seen This Snail?" (though, he is still seen eating it or at least willing to). Gary would much rather eat cookies and nachos, and the comic in the Nick Magazine All-Animal Special, where he wants only the finest foods possible.

The product is first seen in the episode "Missing Identity" and has an awful taste according to SpongeBob after tasting it, causing him to let out a loud "Blech!" which echoes through the town to the Snail-Po headquarters. This is likely due to him not being a snail.


Snail po

The employees of Snail-Po.

Have You Seen This Snail? 38

The company truck.

There is a Snail-Po headquarters where people make it, as seen in the episode "Missing Identity." It is located somewhere in the downtown area of Bikini Bottom and looks like most big corporate companies. Nat Peterson is most likely in charge, and one of the two people in the company who talks. When SpongeBob vomits upon tasting the Snail-Po, his cry reaches the headquarters. Peterson hears him and when a woman in the company asks what is wrong, he says "I don't know, I feel... a disturbance."

Staff and employees


Title Role(s) in episode
"Missing Identity" (tr) This is the first appearance of Snail-Po. Gary is seen to eat it and SpongeBob also tries it, but he does not like it. The product's company is seen as well.
"Have You Seen This Snail?" (tr) A truck is seen which is either a provider or just has an ad for it on the side.
"SpongeBob You're Fired" (tr) After many years of not appearing in the series and even suggesting that SpongeBob had altogether replaced it with another brand, it makes its return.


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