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Snack Bar Chef
Snack Bar Chef
Occupation(s): Chef
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Purple
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Series information
Appearance: "Ripped Pants"
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The Snack Bar Chef is a fry cook who works for the Snack Bar.


The cook is a bulky, somewhat muscular, purple fish with light green arms and legs with purple stripes. He wears a white shirt and chef hat.


He seems mean. Although, he may just not like being interrupted when he works.


=He is one of the two known workers at the Snack Bar.


He appeared in the episode, "Ripped Pants" and was visibly angry when SpongeBob joked with the Snack Bar Chef about SpongeBob's "Ripped Pants."

Angry Jack close-up
"We paid ten dollars for this?"
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