The Smoothie Hut is a place featured in the PC version of Lights, Camera, Pants!


It is a small hut that is built out of flax, bamboo, and straw with seats around it. The Juice Man is on duty when SpongeBob goes there.

Exported products

  • Smoothies
  • Drinks
  • Burgers (possibly, because there is ketchup and mustard there.)
  • A special smoothie with lots of energy in it.


  • SpongeBob gave the special smoothie to Larry to get his energy levels back up.
  • The Juice Man says "I'm busy here kid." when you give Larry the smoothie.
  • The recipe used to belong to the Two Headed Bouncer from the movie, but they gave it to SpongeBob.
  • It looks nearly identical to the Snack Bar.
  • The Juice Man forgot how to make the special smoothie because the recipe was gone.

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