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General information
Aliases: Sluggo Star
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Purple/Lime Green
Eye Color: Black
Classification: Slug
Siblings: Herb Star (brother)
Children: Gary the Snail (son)
Parents: Billy Bob Star (father)
Maw Tucket (Mother)
Grandparents: Queen Mildew (Great Grandma)
King Amoeba (Great Grandpa)
Princess Tulsa (grandma)
Uncles: Patrick Revere (Great Grand uncle)
Prince Callows (Grand Uncle)
Prince Dingus (Grand Uncle by marriage)
Yorick (Great Grandpa)
Nieces: Sam Star
Nephews: Patrick Star
Ed Star
Patron (several "Great"s Grandnephew)
Ancestors: Patar
Primitive Star
Prehistoric Gary (Possibly)
Other relatives: Margie Star (sister-in-law)
Carl (1st Cousin 1x removed)
Series information
First appearance: Seen on family tree in Rule of Dumb
List of characters

Sluggo is Gary's father seen on the Starfish Minister's poster in Rule of Dumb. At the end of the episode, the elder starfish found a coffee stain revealing Gary as Sluggo's son.


  • He is never mentioned or appeared in a episode, although he is seen during the episode on the poster. He might have died, but it is unknown why if he did because Gary seems young.

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