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Sluggo [1] Star [2] is Gary's father and the brother of Herb Star, who is seen on the Starfish Minister's poster in the episode "Rule of Dumb."


He is a small light purple slug with a light green underside. He has yellow and black eyes as well.


At the end of the episode, where the elder starfish found a coffee stain revealing Gary as Sluggo's son, and the true and rightful king of Bikini Bottom.


  • He is never mentioned or appeared in an episode, although he is seen during the episode on the poster. He and Miss Wilson might have died because, SpongeBob owns Gary, but it is unknown why if he did die because Gary seems young.
  • Given that the right to become King was passed to Gary, rather than Patrick, this implies that Sluggo is the older brother of Herb.
  • His surname is likely Star, as that is his brother's surname, which also makes Star likely to be Gary's surname.
  • It is possible that Sluggo was adopted, given that he is a mollusc, yet both of his parents are starfish. 


  1. ^ Rule of Dumb
  2. ^ He is a member of the Star Family
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