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Slimy Trash Can Creatures
Slimy Trash Can Creatures
Residence: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Gender: All males
Color: Lime green and light teal
Light green
Mustard yellow
Series information
Appearance: "Sponge-Cano!"
List of characters

The  Slimy Trash Can Creatures are characters from the episode, "Sponge-Cano!


The first one is the tallest one and is lime green and light teal, the second one is taller than the third on but shorter than the first one, and is light green, and the shortest one is mustard yellow.


Squidward was disturbed by SpongeBob. They came out of the trash can and became friends with SpongeBob and they were dancing along to the song Attitude of Gratitude.

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