Slick is a robot who only appears as an enemy in Battle for Bikini Bottom.


Slick is a giant robot with lime green eyes that floats and attacks with a bubble wand and oil can. It is protected by a bubble shield, which takes one hit to destroy.


  • Oil blob attack
  • Bubble shield

Role in game

Slick is a rare enemy in the game and the player first encounters it in SpongeBob's dream. It can shoot oil blobs at the player from a long distance. The oil blobs do not hurt the player, but they leave behind puddles on the ground that are hard to walk in because they are slippery.

Slicks can be defeated in one hit, but first, the player needs to destroy the Slick's bubble shield, which also takes one hit to destroy. If they wait long enough after they have popped Slick's bubble shield, Slick will regenerate the bubble shield.

Sandy can lasso the Slick, ignoring the bubble.