The skywriter is a fish who appears in the episodes "Professor Squidward," "Squidward's School for Grown-Ups," "The Good Krabby Name," and "SpongeBob LongPants."


He is an olive green fish with mangled orange hair, orange fins, and black or red glasses. He wears a dark blue business suit with a purple tie and a white dress shirt under it. In "SpongeBob LongPants," "Squidward's School for Grown-Ups," and "Professor Squidward," he is bald.


"Professor Squidward"

He appears in the beginning of the episode with the music school headmistress. He thinks that Squidward is Squilliam Fancyson.

"Squidward's School for Grown-Ups"

He appears in the opening shot of the interior of The Famed Bikini Bottom Opera House. He later appears in the crowd when the Sea urchin leaves. He then appears when the crowd is shown when Patrick says, "How do you know my name?" He then later cheers with the other audience members after Patrick says, "Oh, please, you can call me 'Patrick.'" He appears again when the crowd has been shushed and a fish says, "Yes, we do."

"The Good Krabby Name"

While SpongeBob and Patrick are advertising the Krusty Krab, Patrick hires him to help. He falls from the sky and writes "Help Me" on a clipboard. Patrick then realizes that idea wasn't effective at all, as the Skywriter says "Ow, I think I broke my thesaurus!"

"SpongeBob LongPants"

He is one of the customers at Fancy!


  • "The Good Krabby Name" is the only time he is shown to have an occupation.