This is the page about Skill Crane (machine). If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see Skill Crane.

Skill Crane is a claw vending machine that Mr. Krabs buys for the Krusty Krab from Vending Supplies in the episode "Skill Crane."


The Skill Crane looks like a regular crane game. If someone loses or wins in the game, the machine will announce it in a human voice. It holds stuffed animals that appear to be geared toward toddlers.

The base color of the crane is a reddish color, and the joystick has a completely black handle. It has a coin slot and a big slot where the toys come out. If the player doesn't get the toy, it will say "YOU LOSE!" or "LOSER!" and laugh, but if the player does get a toy it says "WINNER!" or "YOU ARE A WINNER!"

Role in episode

SpongeBob uses a secret to win a prize from the machine every time while Squidward keeps losing. Squidward later finds out this secret and goes nuts when he finally wins.

In the beginning of the episode, it is shown that Skill Cranes can be bought from the company that sells them, as well as R.A. Pennypincher.


It is revealed near the end of the episode, and it was also obvious that Mr. Krabs had benefited well from buying the Skill Crane. It used up tens of thousands of Squidward's quarters, although SpongeBob benefited well because he won every single time. It was unknown of the price to buy the Skill Crane. It can give Mr. Krabs lots and lots of money, and Mr. Krabs received more than double of 3,499 quarters from Squidward. That will be more than $877.25 times 2, which is more than $1,754.50. Squidward had spent a lot of money, even the deed to his house, on the Skill Crane just to win.


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