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Six Powerful Cues
General Information
Composer(s): Wilfred William Burns
List of associated production music

The Six Powerful Cues were composed by Wilfred William Burns.


Six Powerful Cues (a)

Six Powerful Cues (d)

# Episode Scene
Season 2
033 Gary Takes a Bath SpongeBob sees that he is hanging from the ceiling.
038 Sailor Mouth "I didn't mean..."
039 The Fry Cook Games "I smell Plankton!"
Season 4
066 Dunces and Dragons SpongeBob and Patrick get thrown into the air.
068 Enemy In-Law "Too late, Krabsy."
079 Squid Wood "He stole my jokes. He stole my job. He stole my standing ovation!"
Season 5
082 Night Light "THE DARK!!!"
090 A Flea in Her Dome Patrick takes the flea collar.
Season 8
161 Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation "Destroy money?! NO!!!"
Season 9
179 Squirrel Record Patrick knocks down the house of cards.

Six Powerful Cues (e)

Six Powerful Cues (f)

# Episode Scene
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? SpongeBob and Patrick search for Gary in Squidward's bathroom.
073 New Leaf Mr. Krabs destroys Plankton's knickknacks.
079 Squid Wood Squidward beats up Mini-Squidward.
Season 5
093 BlackJack SpongeBob is taken to Blackjack's house.
Season 8
160 Walking the Plankton Plankton flies away with the Krabby Patty.

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