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Shower In a Can

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Shower In a Can
Owner: Mrs. Puff
Type: Can
Appearance: "Nautical Novice"
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Shower In a Can is a spray used in the episode "Nautical Novice," and resembles deoderant.


Shower In a Can appears to be a light blue spray can. The label on it is light yellow with a shower head above the title. The words "Shower In a Can" are written in red. It is operated like a normal spray can.

Role in the episode

Mrs. Puff used it on SpongeBob after he stayed up all night, studying for his field trip. SpongeBob was dirty/smelly and was missing his teeth. Shower In a Can cleaned him up instantly.


  • This product only appeared in "Nautical Novice" and will most-likely never appear again.
  • Apparently, Mrs. Puff carries around a bottle of Shower In a Can.
  • When Mrs. Puff is spraying the Shower In a Can bottle her fin resembles a human hand with an index finger and a thumb.
  • On the wiki, there is a template of this can: It looks like this
Shower In A Can!
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