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Online game
Ship O Ghouls
Ship O Ghouls
General Information
Episode based on: "Shanghaied"
External link: Play at
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Ship O Ghouls is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Shanghaied."


SpongeBob is trapped in the Flying Dutchman's Ship and now the ship is rising to the surface and the sea water is running out. If he sees the light of day, our soggy hero will dry out, a truly frightening prospect! Help SpongeBob get out of the Flying Dutchman's haunted wreck before he becomes all dried up. Press the right arrow key to run right, free the left arrow key to run left. Go down thin pipe passages by running towards one and pressing down repeatedly to slide down the thin pipe passage. If you get caught in the fish skeletons, press right and left repeatedly to get free. There are four pickups along the way placed randomly:

  • Krabby Patty - Boosts the player's score.
  • Slugs - Slime SpongeBob with sea slugs and squeeze through tight passages.
  • Pumpkin - Jack-o-lanterns disguises SpongeBob from enemies. This makes the enemies think you are scary too. Note: You cannot go down pipe passages with a jack-o-lantern on.
  • SpongeBob face icon - Gives the player an extra life.

If the player makes SpongeBob dry up too many times and loses all the remaining lives, the player loses the game, and SpongeBob will stay in Dutchman's plate. If the player escapes though exists, SpongeBob is no longer trapped in the Flying Dutchman's Ship and the player wins the game.

Playable characters

Non-playable characters

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