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Shiny Objects are collectible flower-shaped items in the video game Battle for Bikini Bottom. They serve as currency in the game. Unlike other collectible items in the game, shiny objects are dropped by tiki statues, robots, etc. and therefore are essentially limitless in quantity.


In Battle for Bikini Bottom, they are by far the most numerous collectible. The values of each kind of Shiny Object are as follows:

  • Red: 1
  • Yellow: 2
  • Green: 5
  • Blue: 10
  • Purple: 50

Shiny objects are spawned from defeated tikis, robots, or found scattered around the level. Those spawned are limitless. Those scattered can only be collected once. Regardless, red shiny objects are found almost exclusively in situations where there is little chance of dying; Yellow, Green, and Blue are ambiguous and can be found in either normal or dangerous situations; Purple is found exclusively in dangerous situations. The maximum amount of shiny objects the player can hold up to is 99,999.

Shiny Objects can be traded for spatulas (via Mr. Krabs), fed to clams (to open new areas), or directly to doors/gates (for same purpose).

List of expenditures

  • Mr. Krabs (total you can earn from him: 39,500 shiny objects)
    • 1st spatula: 3,000
    • 2nd spatula: 3,500
    • 3rd spatula: 4,000
    • 4th spatula: 4,500
    • 5th spatula: 5,000
    • 6th spatula: 5,500
    • 7th spatula: 6,500
    • 8th spatula: 7,500
  • Clams: 150-3,500
  • Sand Mountain Gates: 1,500 ea. (4,500 total)
  • Tickets to Reef Cinema: 40,000