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Shelly Superhighway Parade
Shelly Superhighway Parade
Event Type Parade
Episode "SpongeBob's Last Stand"

Shelly Superhighway Parade is a parade seen in the episode "SpongeBob's Last Stand," when they were promoting the Shelly Superhighway. Plankton was leading with a paver.

The Parade

Order of Appearance:

  • Two Paramedics carrying a Flag
  • Two Flower Pedal Girls
  • A Marching Band
  • Mrs. Bikini Bottom Winners, Debbie Rechid, Nazz-Mimi, and Shubie.
  • Freaks, Man on stilts, Two Headed Man
  • An Underwater Santa on a Limousine
  • Group of Elderly Fish
  • The Champion Wrestlers (Jim and Purple Wrestler)
  • A Giant Inflatable Cat
  • Scottish Band
  • A Choir
  • Rock N' Rollers
  • Plankton in a Paver
  • The Highway is Built Following the Parade, by Plankton, in a Paver

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