The Shelly Superhighway was a small two lane one way highway that only appears in the episode "SpongeBob's Last Stand."


In "SpongeBob's Last Stand," it is revealed that Plankton wanted to build this to make Mr. Krabs spill the beans of the Krabby Patty secret formula. The plan was to build the highway through the Jellyfish Fields and over the Krusty Krab, ending up at the Chum Bucket. Despite the efforts of SpongeBob and Patrick to save Jellyfish Fields, Plankton succeeded in building his highway, forcing the jellyfish to flee their homes and nearly forcing the Krusty Krab out of business.

However, the destruction of Jellyfish Fields would prove to be Plankton's downfall. Moments after Mr. Krabs was finally preparing to hand over the Krabby Patty Formula to his nemesis, Bikini Bottom was invaded by hordes of jellyfish aggressively seeking a new home. Realizing that the creatures would only stop their attack if Jellyfish Fields was restored, the citizens of Bikini Bottom aided SpongeBob in destroying Plankton's highway.


  • It is unknown who the Shelly Superhighway is named after, although it could be named after seashells.
    • Another possibility is that Plankton used the name "Shelly" to hide his identity so people will approve of the highway; a plan that succeeded in tricking even Mr. Krabs.
    • The name "Shelly" could also reference Plankton's first name, "Sheldon."
  • The Shelly Superhighway seems to always end or start at the Chum Bucket. This was part of Plankton's plan, as the highway was also meant to draw away the Krusty Krab's business to his own establishment.
  • Squidward is the only one of the main characters that isn't involved in the destruction of the Shelly Superhighway.
  • The Shelly Superhighway has a corkscrew section.
  • The Shelly Superhighway makes lots of air pollution, which makes the sky turn a dark gray color and makes the clouds look like they are melting.

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