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Sheldon J. Plankton (Mr. Plankton's Universe)

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Sheldon J. Plankton
General information
Interests: Krabby Patties
Occupation(s): The Krusty Krab owner
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Deep Green
Eye color: Yellow and red
Children: Pearl Plankton (daughter)
Parents: The same as main Plankton's parents
Grandparents: The same as main Plankton's grandparents
Ancestors: The same as main Plankton's ancestors
Friends: Alternative Universe SpongeBob
Alternative Universe Squidward
Enemies: Eugene Krabs (Mr. Plankton Universe)
Series information
First appearance: "The Algae's Always Greener"
Latest appearance: "The Algae's Always Greener"
Portrayer: Mr. Lawrence
List of characters

Sheldon J. Plankton, more commonly known as Mr. Plankton, is the owner of the Krusty Krab in "The Algae's Always Greener." He appeared when Plankton and Mr. Krabs switch lives. He is the same as the regular Plankton. The only difference he has from the real Plankton is that he has clothes exactly like Mr. Krabs.


  • In this Universe, Plankton is wearing clothes and Mr. Krabs is not wearing any clothes.
  • It is possible that technically, the main universe Plankton also switched lives with the Actual Mr. Plankton meaning that Plankton and Mr. Plankton have also switched souls making the actual Mr. Plankton getting the Main Universe Plankton's Body in the Main Universe for a while since there was a picture of Mr. Plankton and Alternate Universe Pearl as a memory, for example.

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